Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Paragraph is a group of sentence expressing one complete idea/topic.

A good paragraph should be containing of:

1) Topic sentence/Introductory Sentence

- Dealing with one topic and statement/controlling about the topic

Ex: My father is a very efficient businessman.

- Should be general statement

- Should be able to be developed/explained/discussed.

Ex: I was sick last week or My sickness destroyed my activities.

2) Supporting sentence/details

- Very details concerning

- The topic discussed

- Can be explanation, definition, examples, analogy, etc.

- Competition

3) Concluding Sentences

- Restatement of the topic sentences

- Conclusion of the supporting sentences

- Opinion/impression of the writer toward topic sentence

- As a link to the next paragraph.

4) Connectives

- Numeration = Firstly, secondly,… finally

- Addition = and, also, in addition

- Contradiction = the contrast, conversely, but, however

- Reason = because, since, as

- Comparison = similarly, like

5) Punctuator = colon, semi colon, etc..

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